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Steve Harvey is infuriated with stepdaughter Lori Harvey for what she did! find here

By Abhishek Singh

If there’s anything that everyone can agree on, it’s that Lori Harvey always seems to be caught up in troublesome controversies. The stepdaughter of Steve Harvey, one of the famous American TV personality, comedian, actor, who has quite a standing in Hollywood. And the recent action of Lori seems to have upset Steve and has given up on her. Trying everything possible to make his relationship work with her stepdaughter and every time ends up disappointed. Her actions like faking the pregnancy, getting into toxic relationships, and her recent hit and run case. Which made Steve very angry with her. Wondering what else Lori has done to make Steve this angry? Then read on more to know about the reason why Steve is resenting his daughter.

How it all happened with Lori Harvey.

According to the sources. It all happened when Lori was driving her car while texting on her phone when she crashed into a parked car. And the model attempted to flee after flipping her car from the accident. The eye witness identified her as Lori Harvey and the authorities arrested her nearby from the scene of the accident. On October 20 at 9:43 P.M and the model has been accused of two counts. Like her hit and run case and sabotaging a police investigation. Three months after the accident Lori’s lawyer Blair Berk appeared on the court representing Lori and pleaded not guilty. Earlier that day, may saw Lori having fun with her friends at Nobu in Malibu. But alcohol wasn’t the primary factor in the collision.

What are the consequences if Lori found guilty?

If the case is proven false, there is a strong possibility of Lori facing prison for a year with charges against her. Lori is wrapped up in the news of dating the rapper “Future”. They both shared their intimate pictures of themselves on Instagram. But neither one of them has come clean with their relationship.

Steve is angry at her stepdaughter for a good reason as her actions are reckless and have no clue of the situation she’s facing.

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