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The Inspirational Life of Robert Downey Jr. Know His Struggle to Rise From His Failures Every time and How he Became The Man Whom We Now Know as The Iron Man. To Know More About Him Read this Article.

By Alquamah Nasir

String of Controversies

One of the best actors of this decade, Robert Downey Jr. is no stranger to controversies. Born in Manhattan, New York, Robert was the son of Robert Downey Sr. an accomplished actor and director. Downey started acting at an early age, starring in the critically acclaimed movie called Pound when he was only five years old. He would continue to act in two more movies before he turned ten. Robert attended acting school in Upstate New York until his parents got divorced.

The Fall

Robert went to live with his father after their separation. He remarks that his relationship with drugs started as early as when he was six years old and he was doing drugs by the time he was eight. He alleged that his father would do drugs with him as a way to bond with him. His life would get increasingly turbulent after this.

From 1996 to 2001, Downey was arrested multiple times for the consummation, possession, and procurement of drugs. He would go through a cycle of ups and downs, where he would relapse and gain control In 2000, he joined the cast of Ally McBeal and substantially pushed its ratings. He was later fired from the show after he was arrested for being under the influence of drugs.

I Am Iron Man

Downey would go through several failed attempts at rehabilitation and relationships before he would meet his wife, Susan Falconer, who would be instrumental in his rehabilitation. Downey would soon subsequently land a role in Tropic Thunder surprising everyone with his amazing acting skills. He then appeared in the Sherlock Holmes movies, where he played the eccentric titular character. Once back on track, Downey would reprise and adapt a role that will be memorable for decades: Tony Stark. After becoming Iron Man, Robert kick-started an entire film franchise which culminated in one of the most ingenious cinematic experiences of our generation. The Marvel Cinematic Universe would propel Downey into the big leagues and also the big bucks. And also cement him as an inspirational indomitable spirit with the will of an Iron Man.

Alquamah Nasir