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The real-life partners revealed their most-loved show, Fast & Furious. Check out for more details.

By Shailly Panwar

One of the most-loved and long-running action series, Fast & Furious has still so much to show and tell. The fans of Fast & Furious are always looking for the release of the new season, or any new film of the franchise, or sometimes even about the real life of the cast. We are here today with one such interesting topic related to the personal life of the cast of Fast & Furious. Here’s everything about the real-life partners of the cast, check out.

>Fast & Furious: Overview

Fast & Furious is a media franchise originally called The Fast and the Furious. Fast & Furious franchise is centered on a series of action films that spiraled around illegal street racing, heists, and spies. Not only television series, but the franchise also includes live shows, video games, short films, and theme park attractions. The series is created by Gary Scott Thompson and is distributed by Universal Pictures. The series is commercially very successful and is Universal’s biggest franchise. The series got a mixed response from the audience and critics. Fast & Furious is often cited as a source of the lead actors’ Vin Diesel and Paul Walker’s stardom.

>The real-life partners of Fast & Furious Cast

Just like the show, the cast of Fast & Furious is also the most-talked-about, people are always looking for personal life details of the cast. We are here today with the revelation of the real-life partners of Fast & Furious characters.

We are always thrilled by the chemistry of an iconic couple of the series, Han Lue(played by Sang Kang) and Gisele Yashar but everything is different in real life. Sung Kang is married to Miki Yim. Sister of Dom Torreto and Brian’s girlfriend, Mia Torreto(played by Jordana Brewster) is married to the producer of the show, Andrew Form in real life. Gisele Yashar(played by Gal Gadot) has the sweetest love story in real life. Gal Gadot is married to a successful Israeli hotel owner and businessman. The couple is enjoying their married life and happily raising their two daughters. The most confused and a bit awkward character of the show, Roman Pearce(played by Tyrese Gibson) is married to Samantha in real life and the couple also has a 2 years old daughter.

Shailly Panwar