The Regrettes’ Lydia Night accuses SWMRS’ Joey Armstrong of Emotional and Sexual Abuse!! And Fans are ANGRY!!

By Manjari Shukla

Night said she started a relationship with Armstrong when she was 16 and he was 22 and it finished just before her eighteenth birthday celebration

Lydia Night, most usually known as the lead vocalist for the underground rock band The Regrettes, has taken to online life to share her story on abuse in the music industry. The 19-year-old artist shared an extensive explanation on Instagram on July 20. In the announcement, Night got out SWMRS drummer Joey Armstrong for enthusiastic and sexual maltreatment after the band discharged an “extraordinarily tricky proclamation via web-based networking media that has pushed me to freely share my story”.

“This current band’s capricious situating of themselves as woke women’s activists isn’t just activating for me as a casualty however is finished bulls**t and should be gotten out. I’ve gone through longer than a year preparing and considering my experience to attempt to locate the correct approach,” she said. Night clarified that she started a relationship with Armstrong when she was 16 (he was 22 at that point) which “finished just before my eighteenth birthday celebration”.

“For such a long time I saw it similarly as being harmful and not something sufficiently legitimate to share but rather now I realize that what I really experienced was psychological mistreatment and sexual compulsion by somebody in a place of control over me.

It is critical to me that Joey and his whole band are considered responsible to completely comprehend that despite the fact that they may see themselves as ‘heroes’ they are proceeding to propagate the specific harmful culture they are attempting to get out,” she wrote in her long post.

“In May of 2017 Joey followed me on Instagram and DM’d me saying that SWMRS would send us a few proposals for a couple of visits that year. I disclosed to him I was a major fan and was energized.

I saw that I was the main individual from the band he followed yet I didn’t have a favorable opinion of it,” Night clarified before including, “I was particularly amped up for the visit since I saw SWMRS as being vocal feminist activists and having a message that I thought lined up with mine.”

In her announcement, she proceeded to share the subtleties of the abuse which began as “secret hand-holding” and which she portrayed as “energizing”. “Here was this more established person in a band I adored giving me his consideration,” she clarified.

“One night he welcomed me to his bunk. I snuck over and he was holding up shirtless in his underwear. We kissed just because and afterward he instructed me to leave so we weren’t gotten by my father who was resting in a bunk between our own. Whenever I snuck over, he dries bumped me unexpectedly until he came.

He moved a lot quicker explicitly than I was utilized to however I didn’t realize it since he was more aged and I liked him. Everybody in his band, group, family, and his supervisor realized that we were seeing one another. In light of our age contrast, Joey would constantly request that I keep our relationship as covered up as could reasonably be expected and I did.”

Night further expressed that Armstrong at first said their relationship would turn out to be progressively genuine once she was old enough, yet then clarified that the “rules” changed as time passed by and talked about what prompted their separation.

“Two months before my eighteenth birthday celebration, he flew me to New York to put in a couple of days together. Directly before the trip, he disclosed to me he was there to practice, so I would be seeing him practically just in his bed around evening time. One of these evenings, he changed the ‘rules’ he had introduced our whole relationship on,” Night stated, including, “He presently said ‘we should not focus on my specific time span.’

This discussion was truly eye-opening. His course of events and guarantee of a ‘genuine’ relationship was what led me on however once we drew nearer to the thing he would call the end goal, it was clear it was bulls**t from the start. I realized I was done and decided to end it.”

Fans on Twitter are loaning their help to Lydia and sharing their disdain for Armstrong and his band. “Lydia night gratefulness post. her ongoing in a post made me cry, she’s defeated so a lot and I’m so happy she’s improving at this point. f**k joey Armstrong and f**k swmrs,” said a fan. Another stated, “All my adoration and profound respect to you, Lydia. you’re so solid and fearless, thank you for offering your story to us. sending love.”

One fan stated, “I’ve admired Lydia night throughout recent years and I’m so glad for her for sharing her story. f**k swmrs. I truly accepted they were heroes and I bolstered them however I just can’t any longer knowing they’re super f***ing wolves in sheep’s clothing. disgusting!!!!”

Manjari Shukla