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The tragic real-life story of Beth from ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’!!! Stepson Leland opens up about her death!!!

By Manjari Shukla

Beth died this summer at a two-year fight with throat cancer

Losing somebody truly near our heart is a difficult thing, and to get over it is a somewhat extreme task.

A month back, Beth, who was taking on her conflict with malignant growth shockingly lost and it has been extreme for the Chapman family.

As we as whole expertise much significant Beth was and losing her would have been so hard for the relatives.

Leland is the stepson and has paid tribute to her with his caring words on Instagram. He transferred a post in which he stated, “I can’t accept she’s gone. She would have been excited to see this.

Family, companions, fans all meeting up to respect her legacy. He likewise expressed gratitude toward everybody for all their well wishes and supplications for his family. He said thanks to his family for meeting up and helping his father and others to take a break. I realize she is pleased, so thank you once more, and here he ended.

Leland has been open about the misfortune, they all had, yet he likewise made it exceptionally evident that he has fi plans to keep Beth’s memory alive by proceeding with the battle for Justice.

While sincerely chatting with the Entertainment Tonight Leland stated, I’ve just seen the distinction, he says Beth done helping them chase down individuals on the run. We have recently been out for one day, and I contemplated internally, what might Beth have been stated, how she would have responded. There’s certainly an alternate angle around, he included.

All things considered, by his words, we could feel how pitiful he was. Furthermore, a major misfortune to the family.

He additionally stated, yet I think we’ll make through this as we are a solid family. Well with Leland we trust a similar that they recoup from this misfortune as quickly as time permits and our sympathies are with the family.

Manjari Shukla