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Todd Chrisley’s Net Worth and How Did He Make His Money? Check Out Here For More Information.

By Abhishek Singh

Todd Christley is known for its lavish lifestyle with rich cars, a million-dollar home, expensive clothes, and every luxurious asset you can think of. But did he worked for all this wealth? as the question, many have for how does the man earns so much money? The reality TV star Tom Christley is the patriarch of the Christley Clan. And the man owns his reality TV show “Chrisley Knows Best” which has been airing since 2004 and garnered popularity for the content he creates. One would think that is all his wealth he inherited from his family? Or does he have some shady business where all this money comes in his life? To answer all these questions, Read on more to know about the net worth of Tom Christley and his source of all his wealth?

Most of his money comes from Real Estate!

One of the secrets to all his wealth and what made him very successful when it comes to financing is that he’s a successful real estate mogul. On the show, he constantly talks about the fancy things he owns whether it be exotic cars, luxurious villas, and expensive stuff. Something which many of us Millenials aspire to possess or dream of. He lives in a luxury villa in Nashville, Tennessee. But spent most of the time with his family in Atlanta Georgia. It is reported that he owned an asset management company. That is known for liquidating houses for money. Things were going merry for the man until the stock market in 2008 crashed. And Christley’s troubles with the finances started.

Todd Christley was in debt for 45 million at one point.

You might find it hard to believe but Todd was very close to going bankrupt at one time in his life. He accumulated 45 million dollar debt and somehow had to pay for it. It is very unclear if the economy was bad or Todd simply made bad investment choices. It was before his show went on TV, and sometimes it makes people scratching their heads on figuring out how Todd managed to pay back all his debts. And living in 30,000 square foot luxurious mansion where the show first premiered.

His whole family has launched their businesses.

Just like Todd his family also took his path of the road to financial success. As his wife, son and daughter each have launched their businesses. His daughter Savannah is investing and building her business-like fashion and cosmetic lines. Todd’s wife Julie had her food blog at one time and spent her energy on cooking. And his son also tried to launch his candle business, but gave up and is focusing on his acting career. Tom Christley seems to know about his vision and clarity when it comes to his success in finances.

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