Tom Holland and Zendaya are only “Friends”!!! BUT ARE THEY??? Read about the duo’s love lives here!!!

By Rajal Ghai

Tom Holland is the man behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man. He plays the role of Peter Parker in Spider-Man movies. His co-star Zendays plays the role of Marie Jane or MJ who Peter Parker loves according to the Marvel Comics. Since they both made their debut in the MCU with Spider-Man Homecoming in 2017, rumours have been spreading that they both have been dating in real life.

The truth revealed by Tom Holland!

There were many rumours suggesting that they both were in a relationship keeping it hidden from the public eye. In an interview with Elle, Tom Holland revealed that he was not dating Zendaya. He said he is open to a relationship but right now he is not dating Zendaya.

Rumours also started to spread that they both have been on many vacations together. The rumours were soon shut down by Zendaya on twitter. She said that she has not even been to vacation in years now. Responding to the tweet Tom said that “Does the press tour count?”. They have been constantly tagging each other on social media.

If not dating, it is sure that they are definitely good friends. They have been constantly teasing each other on social media. For instance, when Tom Holland tagged Zendaya on his belt in a picture he posted on Instagram, Zendaya responded to him in a teasy manner. The post is linked below:

Their actual relationships!

Tom Holland is right now dating Nadia Parkes as they are rumoured to be together at Holland’s London Home. They have been spending time together amid Lockdown.

Zendaya has been reportedly dating Jacob Elordi. They have both been secretly in a relationship according to rumours. They have been on many trips together. And they have also visited Elordi’s home country Australia. The two of them were even spotted kissing in New York.

Rajal Ghai