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Tracy Morgan and Wife Megan Wollover Calling It A Day After their 5-year Marriage. What Made Them Take Such Decision? Check This Out.

After staying married for almost five years, Tracy Mordan and Megan Wollover are calling it a day. The couple tied the knot in August 2015 after Morgan experienced a life-changing accident. According to Morgan,

After almost losing Tracy last year, I am so grateful to finally be married to the love of my life. I don’t want to walk my wife down the aisle with a cane or in a wheelchair. So I had to go hard with the therapy. I had to get better. There was no ifs, ands or buts about it.

After the unfortunate accident, the wedding planning served as a therapeutic experience and helped the actor get back on track. The accident was an unfortunate one as it led to the demise of comedian James Mcnair. Morgan also has shared his experience while recovering from the injury. All the basic physical obstacles that humans have to face like, walking, sitting down, and standing were all taught to him again. But since the wedding day was close so Morgan was highly motivated to get better as soon as possible. Morgan states that,

I am working out now, but physical therapy isn’t easy. It’s a lot of ooch-ing and lot of ouching and screaming, but I am determined.

The couple also shared their experience in Pandemic to ET,

Romantically, we’re role playing. She’s playing a young maiden who has a grandfather who’s dying of corona and I’m playing a scientist who discovered a cure. She wants to save her grandfather’s life and she’s willing to do anything, Kev, and I mean anything.

In a statement to ET,

Sadly, after nearly five years of marriage, Megan and I are filing for divorce, it’s a challenging time for all involved, so I ask that you please respect our privacy.

It was later confirmed that Morgan’s attorney did file for divorce around the time this statement was released.