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Triple H appears on McAfee’s show and discusses about Adam Cole’s misbehaviour!!! Hasn’t disclosed if he fined the wrestler for this!!!

By Anchal Gupta

Triple H appeared on Pat McAfee’s show. HHH discussed the dispute that took place between Adam Cole and MacAfee a few days ago when Adam Cole appeared on the show.  He also shared his point of view on both the guys as well as commented about the misbehaviour of Adam Cole with the host of the show. Read out the blog post to know what Triple H said about the whole thing!!!

Adam Cole appeared on Pat McAfee’s show:

A few days ago, Adam Cole appeared on McAfee’s show as a guest. Cole did not like what McAfee commented about the Undisputed Era and also about the size of Adam Cole. Soon the wrestler lost his temper at the show and turned violent.

Later on, Adam Cole tweeted an apology for his misbehaviour with McAfee in the show. The wrestler wrote a big tweet on his official twitter account in which he genuinely apologized for his behaviour at the show.

What Triple H said about the whole incident???

Triple H also appeared on Pat McAfee’s show after some days of the incident and talked about whatever happened on the show back then.

He said that he like both McAfee and Adam Cole and called them good as well as passionate guys. HHH said that according to him, all this is merely a misunderstanding. He discussed Cole’s and Pat’s relationship. Triple H said that both of them shared a  positive relationship which sometimes turned into negative. He said that it all started when both the guys participated in NXT and had interactions from the showbiz side. He added that sometimes, both of them had more contentious relationship behind the scenes which was a budding irritation but however it was interesting to people.

Triple H further added that he was aware of Adam Cole’s appearance on the show and also apologized for his misbehaviour at the show. HHH added that Adam Cole became over sensitive at the show while McAfee, professional button pusher who needles people for a living. HHH said Adam Cole is a grown man and is responsible for his own actions.

When HHH was asked about whether he fined Adam Cole for this then he said that he would not disclose this information.

Anchal Gupta