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UNTOLD FACTS!!! Secrets about Michael Jordan’s present wife Yvette Prieto you’ll be SHOCKED to know about!!!

By Anchal Gupta

At present, Michael Jordan is married to Yvette Prieto. Though Yvette Prieto has kept a low profile and nothing much is known about Prieto’s life, unlike Jordan’s life about whose iconic career we know all the things. But here are some facts which have been found about Michael’s lady love. Read out the blog post to know about the UNTOLD STORY of Yvette Prieto!

Michael and Prieto’s family:

The moment Prieto tied knots with Michael Jordan, she became the mother of three stepchildren. But the couple did not take too much time in expanding their family. After seven months of their marriage, the pair announced that they were expecting. The cherry on the cake is that the pair had identical twin girls.

The couple had spent millions on their luxurious wedding were nearly 300 guests were invited.

Was Michael Yvette’s first celebrity love?

If this is the case, then your guess might be wrong. Jordan was not the first celebrity who came in Prieto’s life. Before meeting Jordan, she had connections with Julio Iglesias. But their relationship did not last and she finally met Jordan and got settled with him.

Dark family past:

Yuvette’s parents have a dark family past. According to reports, her parents and his uncle and aunt were convicted of insurance fraud beginning in March 1998.

Their luxurious home:

According to reports, the couple had begun construction of their new royalist house on Palm Beach in Fla. The mansion suits their luxurious and royal life.

Ironclad Prenup:

Before their marriage, Jordan allegedly made sure to draft an ironclad prenup so that he can protect his fortune. This draft cost him an estimated amount of $650 million at that time.

If Prieto signed this prenup, she will be giving her $1 million for each year. So, even if their marriage lasts for 10 years, she would receive an increase of $5 million per year.

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Anchal Gupta