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UPI Almanac for Friday September 11 2020! All details here

Today marks the 255th day of 2020, today is Friday, September 11 with 111 to follow.

The moonlight is waning, the following morning stars are Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus, and Venus.  Those born on this day on this date fall under the sign of Virgo. It includes the short story writer O. henry born William Sydney Porter in 1862. Famous British author D.H Lawrence in 1885, Jimmie Davis a former songwriter/governor of Louisiana in 1899. College Football Hall of Fame coach Paul “Bear” Bryant in 1913, followed by former Philippines president Ferdinand Marcos in 1917. Professional football hall of fame coach Tom Landry in 1924, One of Russian cosmonaut Gherman Titov the second man who went to space in 1935.

Another American astronaut Robert Crippen in 1937, well-known filmmaker Brian De Palma in 1940 (age 80) Lola Fanana an entertainer in 1942 (age 78). A respected musician Mickey Hart in 1943, Leo Kottke a guitarist in 1945. Known actress Amy Madigan in 1950 (age 70) actor Scott Patterson in 1958, in 1961 American actress Virginia Madsen (age 59).

On this date in history.

  • In 1777 troops led by Gen George Washington were beaten by British Gen. William Howe in the battle of Brandywine.
  • In 1847 Stephen Foster’s first song “Oh Susanna” became a hit and debuted at a concert in Pittsburgh Saloon and became a standard for minstrel troupes.
  • In 1921 one of the foremost comedians of the silent movie days Fatty Arbuckle was charged with the suspicion of manslaughter in the death of starlet. And branded with sexual assault during a wild drinking party. Eventually, he was proven innocent but it destroyed his career.
  • In 1971 former Soviet Union leader Nikita Khruschev passed away during a heart attack in Moscow.
  • In 1973 the chosen socialist government of Salvador Allende of Chile was overthrown by a right-wing military coup backed by the CIA. Authorities told Allende committed suicide the very same day.
  • In 2001, Islamic terrorists coordinated against the United States, crashing two airliners into the twin tower at the New York world trade center. And another at Pentagon outside the Washington, and fourth plane crashed into Pennsylvania. US President George W Bush swore to destroy the responsible terrorist organization.

  • in 2011 on September 11 a memorial was dedicated to New York City. On the site of twin towers which was destroyed 10 years ago. Terrorist attacks that killed 3000 people. The memorial showcases the nation’s largest man-made waterfalls. With a total of 2,980 names etched on the granite.