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Watch Out How Julianne Hough Has Revealed About The Changes Occurring In Her And How Brookes, Her Husband Is Supporting Her!!

By Priyanka Peddinti

Among the galaxy of stars is one lady named Julianne Alexandra Hough, or simply referred to as Julianne in daily life. She was born in July 1988. Among her many talents, she is an American dancer, actress, singer and also a songwriter. Her wonderful journey started long back in the year 2007. Starting with the cast of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars as a professional dancer, she went on to win two seasons with her partners who were celebrities in their own right. She, however, left the show two years later in 2009 and rejoined again after five years in the year 2015. This time to judge the performances in a permanent role. For all of her work, she even received three nominations for Primetime Emmy Awards along with her brother Derek Hough who also happens to be a dancer. At around the same time, she married Brooks Laich.

Now we have an interesting revelation to make. Just after four months into their marriage, she underwent a huge chunk of transformation. She told her husband Brooks of the challenges and changes staring right at them. She began to connect with the women inside her and started to unpack all the insecurities they had. Slowly, but steadily, she began to feel brave and was ready to face any sort of shame or guilt that society would hurl at her. But the structure of the society these days is not very rigid. It is changing for good. Off late, there have been many protests and awareness-raising campaigns on transgender issues. When she said this in her Women’s Health annual session, her brother Derek also came out in support of her.

From whatever knowledge we have about her till now, one thing is certain. She is a brave woman who will never back out of things merely because the external factors are not very favorable. Even her husband is proud of her for this fact. He is always willing to stand up and support her. Great partnership going on!

Priyanka Peddinti

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