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What was more PAINFUL for Sarah Hyland??? Her Tormenting Boyfriend or Her Chronic Illness!!!

By Divyansh Dhingra

When life gives you a second chance, it’s just the result of your good fortune but if it continues to give you chances then it’s only your strong headedness, will power, and your quest to live. We can relate it in the case of Sarah Hyland, an American TV or big screen actress who we know for her roles in Geek Charming (2011),  Scary Movie 5 (2013), Vampire Academy (2014), XOXO (2016), and her latest work –  The Wedding Year (2019).

We always see stars on-screen and speculate that everything is perfectly fine with them but what happens behind the scenes, no one knows. Through What pains and struggles these stars have to go none is aware of. Likewise, Sarah’s behind the scenes had never been up to the mark. The distress, hassle, and dismay she had gone through in her life, anyone could ever imagine.

Spending a tumultuous span of 26 years always feeling like a burden on a family, combating the obstacles, and eventually coming out as a winner, shows that her life was like a ship sailing in the ocean with tempestuous storms and waves. she believes that “Scars are Scars, they are tally marks of what you’ve been through as a human being.”

What was Sarah hiding from the world?

Sarah Hyland spent years hiding her sickness from the world. She was treated from Kidney dysplasia. It was in April 2012, when she first received her kidney transplant from her father. Later on, Her health deteriorated. Her body rejected the kidney provided by her dad. Amidst this, She had also been a victim of Torment and bedevilment.

Her boyfriend on-screen was also her boyfriend off-screen and that was Matt Prokop, her co-star. She alleged that her boyfriend habitually and verbally badgered her. She had also suffered repeated anger management issues. The story didn’t conclude even after her breakup, Matt relentlessly bombarded her with threatening and emotionally disturbing texts.

Julie Bowen, who is like a second mother to Sarah, came into play and helped her a lot in coming out of this situation. at this juncture, a normal man could lose hope but a fighter never holds back. She fought for existence, for her family, friends, and beloved ones. Then a new ray of hope in the form of her little brother emerged. He offered her his kidney for transplant. That was the time and now, Sarah is jubilantly living with her husband Well Adams.

Have a glimpse of the video which tells everything about Sarah’s nuisance…

Her prolong battle with her health, as well as mental torture only, gives us the message that if you are dogged in your life and if you have the strong will power then nothing can torment you or harm you…

Divyansh Dhingra