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Wilford Brimley, Star Of ‘Cocoon’ And ‘The Natural,’ Dies At 85. How Did This Happen? Tap to Know More

By Anurag Gade

Wilford Brimley, who worked his way from up from a stuntman to a star performer, has died at 85. Throughout his career, Brimley delivered several hits such as Cocoon, The Natural, The Thing, and so on. Wilford’s manager Lynda Bensky said that the actor passed away on Saturday (August 1) surrounded by his close friends.

The actor worked his way to the top from being a stunt performer to a professional actor. Known for his incredible character, Wilford Brimley often brought gruff charm and menace through his on-screen portrayal. The 85-year-old actor passed away in a Utah Hospital on Saturday (August 1) morning. His manager said that the actor was put on dialysis and was battling several medical ailments simultaneously.

Wilford Brimley, Star Of ‘Cocoon’ And ‘The Natural,’ Dies At 85

The mustached Brimley was famous as well as a familiar face for several roles. He received immense praise for his role as a grizzled baseball manager in ‘The Natural’ opposite Robert Redford. Brimley once again collaborated with Redford in the 1980 hit ‘Brubaker’ in which he portrayed the character of Rogers.

However, Brimley’s best-known work came in the film ‘Cocoon’ in 1985. The movie followed a group of senior citizens who discover an alien pod that rejuvenates them. This 1985 Ron Howard film won Two Oscars including a supporting-actor honor for Don Ameche. Brimley later went to star in ‘Cocoon: The Return’ in 1988 which was a sequel to 1985 Ron Howard film.

For years, Wilford Brimley was a pitchman for Quaker Oats. In recent years, Brimley appeared in multiple Diabetes spots which turned him into a social media sensation. Following his demise, several Hollywood greats have offered their condolences to the late actor. In the 1993 hit ‘The Firm’, Brimley starred opposite Tom Cruise as a tough-nosed investigator who deployed ruthless tactics to keep his law firm secrets safe. A Utah native, Brimley grew up around horses. He spent two decades traveling around the West and working at ranches and on race tracks.

Anurag Gade