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WWE Smackdown: The Fiend Bray Wyatt is Unleashed and Targets Alexa Bliss. Check Out For More Interesting Details!!

By Abhishek Singh

WWE is a show that is more than just pure wrestling! the excitement, adrenaline, and the show’s creative approach never cease to amaze the audience. And in WWE: Smackdown after Bayley winning her title defense against Nikki Cross in the main event. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt appeared on the Smackdown night and made Alexa Bliss the target of his attack. Nikki was devastated and upset with her defeat against Bayley before she put her friendship on the line with her friend Alexa. Wanting another rematch with Bayley, nevertheless, she lost to her and was in tears. Do you think their partnership might be ended for good? or is there some chance of reconciliation? Then read on more to find out about the match and what exactly happened in there?

How it all happened with Nikki Cross and Bayley.

Both of them were engaged in a fierce fight with each other and after a roll-up tries from Nikki’s end and going in offense against her opponent. And looked like the victory was within her grasp that is until Bayley engaged into a cross face-first into the mat. Pinning her down in the mat for 5 seconds and successfully regained her title. Alexa tried to cheer her friend up, but Nikki tasted bitter defeat and in her frustration, she shoved Alexa to the mat. Leaving the confused Bliss all alone in the middle of the ring.

That is until “the fiend” background music started playing and he emerged from the darkness with a sinister and ominous vibe. Standing upon the superstar in distress, and the devilish figure delivered a slow and swift claw to a confused Bliss. Knocking her out and the end of the match.

Those who wish to witness the scene and “The Fiend” attacking Alexa. The video’s down below!

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