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Virgins Roberts Accuses Ghislaine Maxwell Of Having Sex With Victims As Young As 15 – Tap to Explore More Details Here

By Dhenakar VP

Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts asserts she performed a sex act on Ghislaine Maxwell in front of the billionaire pedophile,

On his private island and this supposed madam had continuous orgies with young girls.

New unsealed court documents reveal.

Document details:

Virginia Roberts detailed the sexual encounter in graphic detail in a deposition, in 2016, she gave investigators as a part of a defamation lawsuit

She filed against Maxwell, which has been under a court order deal till now.

Roberts told investigators that girls routinely have flown via private jet to participate in sex sessions that happened all over the island.

Asked to describe women she personally saw Ghislaine Maxwell have sexual contact with, she said that

‘There are so many, I don’t where you want me to begin.’

Also, ‘There were brunettes, there were blondes, there were redheads.

There were all the beautiful girls. I would say ages ranged between 15 and 21.’

Moreover, she claimed she saw Maxwell participating in sex sessions with them by a pool, near beachfront, in Epstein’s cabana, and in small huts.

Furthermore, at one point, Roberts asked to describe a specific time she saw Maxwell engage in sex acts with girls by the pool.

‘There were quite a few girls and it was, excuse me if I’m saying this in an explicit way, but I don’t know how else to say it.

Girl on girl action. So there was a lot of –

What’s the word for it? Licking breasts, vaginas.

Fingers used.’ She involved with that.

Moreover, she said that the girls who she described as tall, beautiful,

some were blonde, some were sandy brown, doesn’t speak English and spoke in a European that Roberts guessed was Czech or Russian.

Roberts said, Maxwell also naked,

instructed her to perform oral sex on Epstein during he fondled her and then said her to ‘straddle him sexually.’

Dhenakar VP