When is Grounded releasing? Is it confirmed for X-box One and PC?

By Abhishek Singh

Grounded has brought something unique to the survival action-adventure genre with the aesthetics of Skyrim and Far Cry. Where you can craft materials to build houses, fighting insects using melee or ranged weapons. With the option to switch to the first-person and third-person perspective camera. This game is about four young children where they have by mysterious means shrunk to the size of an ant. And are stranded on their lawn where they have to fend off insects, spiders and survive by whatever means necessary. The graphics resemble just like”Life is Strange” with beautiful environments and rough looking terrain. Ah Yes if you are terrified of spiders and hate those eight-legged critters. Umm! Does Ronald Weasley vibe anyone?! Obsidian has confirmed you can avoid them. Thanks to arachnophobia mode. With that being said let’s dive int the details of grounded and when it’s coming to Steam and X box One.

When is Grounded releasing?

Obsidian Entertainment has announced that the game will release today for gamers in the UK for X box One and Steam. The game is in early access meaning it’s not the final product and there’ll be likely bugs and performance issues. Obsidian has stated “Grounded is expected to release at the exact time on all platforms. So to help you prepare we would like to share the current release schedule with you”.

The gameplay is fun and intuitive and insects will react to your actions. In a world that is said to be persistent and immersive. Grounded is releasing on July 28 2020 for Xbox Game pass and Steam. And the price set to 29.99$. The game’s file size will be around 3.7 GB to preinstall the game. And there will most likely be a Day one patch. Fixing several bugs and introducing more content to the game.

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