“Aliens trying to contact us? Mysterious signals in regular intervals from single source puzzle scientists “

If you want to get surprised, then the NASA space recordings will surely do it for you. I am pretty sure about this.

The most perplexing phenomena in space are Fast radio Burst, and until now, not a single scientist has succeeded in providing us with an explanation about these bursts or signals coming from the dark nooks of the universe.

But a new study which is conducted by an international team of researchers which is led by a scientist at the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment Fast Radio Bursts Project in the parts of British Columbia has now detected a mysterious FRB which comes from a galaxy that is located almost 500 million light-years away.

The radio bursts come in the cycle of the 16.35-day cycle; it also includes one or two Bursts an hour in a period of four days and goes for silence and comes back after 12 days.

Since it was the discovery in 2017, the signals have repeated steadily, and now it adds up the mystery quotient surrounding this FRB. It was named as FRB 180916.J0158+65. These bursts occur in a regular pattern.

In the study report of researchers, they say that these signals might come from a space body orbiting a star that sends a signal at a certain interval in its orbit. The scientist also suggested that the signals could be coming from a binary star system made up of a massive star and a magnetized neutron star.

But the scientist has not mentioned anything and yet they have not ruled out the possibility of signals sent by advanced extraterrestrial beings located at deep dark space. Now I think that in search of extraterrestrial life beings, this search will play an important role.