Astronomers discover-Gold, Platinum and other precious metals developed from bombardments of the neutrons in the universe. Read the full article below!

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Astronomers are now searching the remnants of the neutron star collision. The neutron star collision gave the earth its most precious metals.

So what happens when neutron stars merge? They throw out huge clusters of short-lived elements. These short-lived elements are released into the atmosphere. They become a part of the later forming ecosystems. Scientists are now trying to find the seeds of our solar system. The elements are being traced by the original decaying solar system.

The latest findings have announced the fact that the merger occurred 100 million years ago. You can estimate it to be approx—1000 light-years from the birth of the solar system. The name of the project’s lead scientist is Szabolks Marks. This physicist of the Columbian university says,” If you look up at the sky and you see a neutron-star merger 1,000 light-years away, it would outshine the entire night sky.”

Another scientist named Marka, along with colleague Imre Bartos, who is an astrophysicist at the University of Florida, used meteorites. The meteorites helped in the dawn of the solar system. The collision was tracked down. The isotopes were analyzed on the basis of their elements and the number of neutrons they had in their atoms.

The focus was mainly made on the radioactive isotopes. The radioactive isotopes are vital elements in the early solar system. The measurements were then compared with the number of isotopes. The neutron star mergers produced such kinds of isotopes. The research of the results was already published in January by Marka.

The results were conducted in the winter meeting of the American Astronomical Society. The meeting was held in Honolulu. So now, you must have learned where precious metals like gold, platinum, and plutonium. They are produced when neurons bombard existing forms. Still, scientists are debating which of these extreme events are the producers of these heavy elements in the universe.