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Besides COVID-19, there’s another virus that can threaten the world ~ the Yaravirus…

The coronavirus has disrupted our daily activities. Millions of people around the world are confined to their homes and every day, people are succumbing to it in large numbers.

While people are struggling with this pandemic, a new virus has already been discovered that no one is really talking about right now. This new virus called the Yaravirus was discovered at the beginning of the year in Brazil. However, it is quite different from the coronavirus.

If you are wondering why is the virus called the Yaravirus, then you need to know that in Brazilian culture, Yara is the name of the water goddess. Some scientists discovered it in an artificial lagoon called Lake Pampulha and therefore they decided to name it after the water goddess.

What do we know about the virus?

There’s very little that we know about the virus. 90% of the genes of the virus have not been identified yet, which makes it all the more difficult to know more about it.

All that we are aware of right now is that it is some sort of an amoebal virus. Another unique thing about the Yaravirus is that unlike other amoeba viruses that have similar traits and thus can be grouped into similar categories, the Yaravirus is actually quite different from them.

It is an extremely unique virus. Only six out of 74 of its genes are similar to other genes. Although the virus is small in size it affects amoebas just like giant viruses.  The virus was discovered by two virologists named Bernard La Scola and Jônatas S Abrahão. The experts have been confused about the discovery of the virus since most of the genes in it are relatively unknown.