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Blended Learning : Know what it is and the top 6 Best Practices To Reduce Costs..!!

This is the generation of technology. Nowadays, most of the traditional methods of doing several works have been transformed into modern ways for improved effectiveness and easy implementation. Learning is one of the fields in which several changes can be seen today. Now, talking about employee training, the blended ways of learning has proved to be a great changing factor.

However, there are some cases in which the cost of these training are highly increased. This is because training is not only meant to use modern technology, they require a well-planned structure and also good execution. There are some methods to reduce the cost of blended learning(training) methods without compromising on efficiency.

Now, look at some of the points

1. Make the learning material according to an online format

This plays a crucial step in the reduction of cost. The paper materials should be switched to digital format. It may include PDF documents, word files, or other types of files. In this way, The stock inventory will also be well organized.

2. Seminars should be based on learning objectives

There should be specified training for specified types and levels of employees. It means that the assignments, activities, and content should be fully utilized by the workers. Also, they must not feel any content as useless to them. This will result in the fully-fledged use of training programs.

3. Introduce MicroLearning

Companies do not know about this concept very much, however, it can be very useful to the employees as well as the companies. This simply means for small topics to cover, like regular office problems, there should not be very long discussions. Short meetings to directly cover the topic will work far better.

4. Evaluate online learning with a test

This is also of great importance. There should be a check on the training methods before fully applying it, so as to correct the flaws.

5. Make “To the topic ” meetings

The agenda of any training or meeting should be very clear to the employees so as they can actually understand the importance and outcomes of training.

6. Decide between Developing eLearning In-house and Outsourcing

There is a need to know the answers to some of the questions like your inside squad have the expertise to improve eLearning or not. Do they realize how to make the maximum of rapid authoring methods to scale up or down the growth procedure to conserve period and cost?