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Catch all the latest updates about Sherlock Holmes Season 5. All interesting trivia here.

By Priyanka Peddinti

Lucky are those kids who have got a beautiful change to grow up reading the tales and the times of Sherlock Holmes, the ace detective of medieval British era which was so beautifully created by the author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The novels of him investigating all the murders and mysteries along with his friend Dr. Watson are the timeless classics for every teenager. Even I consider myself to be lucky to have read those classic pieces of literature while I was growing up.

Like, Peter Parker has become synonymous with Spiderman, like Daniele Radcliffe has become synonymous with Harry Potter on screen, same way Benedict Cumberbatch has become synonymous with Sherlock Holmes on screen. His way of enacting the character has perhaps won him more acclaim and fans than all of his other movies combined. I can vouch for this fact, honestly speaking.
So, after having given you guys the initial introduction, let me take you straight towards the topic for the day, Sherlock Holmes series. Now, this Sherlock Series has been nominated to the very prestigious BAFTA Awards, Golden Globe, and Emmy’s. with all the fame and cliffhanging endings, we could not have imagined a better and befitting award for the cast and the crew.

With all this and more, here comes the Sherlock Holmes Season 5 on screens. We do not have a concrete date of release as of yet, but word is it will come out pretty soon.

Ok, so with that being said, let us look at who the cast for this show is.

Benedict Cumberbatch, as usual, is back with his titular role of Sherlock Holmes. His close friend and aid Dr. Whatson are played by Martin Freeman. Sian Brooke is Eurus Holmes, who is Sherlock’s sister. Next, we have Louise Brealey as Molly Hooper and finally Mark Gratis as Mycroft Holmes.

Coming to the plot for season 5, Eurus Holmes is looking to make herself the assertive sister of this famous detective Sherlock Holmes. So, this season could bring in some fascinating details of Sherlock and his relations. Eurus is expected to become deranged in the show. In the meanwhile, the show will also tell what exactly happens with Stella Hopkins. Now, we hope that season 5 is also a very curious, phenomenal and amazing series. I am waiting for it. Are you?

Priyanka Peddinti

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