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COVID-19 is also leading to HAIR LOSS in some Infected Patients..!! Know what the Experts say!!!

By Anchal Gupta

Some patients affected by Coronavirus are facing excessive hair loss after recovering from the disease after a long time. One of the patients affected by the pandemic, Peggy Goroly also noticed the same thing. Though hair loss has not been marked as a symptom of the disease many of the people are facing the problem. Know what Dr. Nate Favini said about this!!!

What does Peggy Goroly felt after recovering from the disease???

Peggy Goroly, one of the Long Island residents, got infected with COVID-19 in early March. She included symptoms like fatigue, shortness of breath, brain fog, and head palpitations.

It’s been more than two months of her being sick, she noticed that she is losing clumps of hair in the shower. She told Business Insider that the hair loss is quite traumatic. The 56-year-old lady was involved in a Facebook support group for the patients of COVID-19. She found someone who posted the question if there is someone else who is facing a hair loss problem too. With this, Gotroly realized that she was not the only one facing the problem and she is not being crazy at this topic. Her 23-year-old daughter is also facing the same hair loss problem and she was infected with the virus in April.

What are the doctors’ views on this???

Hair loss has not been marked as a symptom of the disease by The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. However, some doctors have noticed this problem among their patients.

Dr. Nata Favini is the medical lead at “Forward”. The doctor said to Business Insider that hair loss is being seen in patients with severe conditions. The doctor said that it is possible in the patients to observe immense hair loss as the body nutrients are more focused on other parts rather than hair growth. But this condition can be cured by within six months if the people take very good care of their body and health.

Anchal Gupta