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Dogs possess an ability that human’s don’t have! Curious? Details here

By Abhishek Singh

Dogs are the wonderful and selfless creatures that will love you till the end. A man’s best friend, whether you’re sad, happy, or plain bored. Your dogs will always cherish your moments in life and appreciate every fiber of your being. They’re intelligent and have sharp senses which surpass human beings or any other animal for that matter. Smell, Sight, and keen intuition, every dog possesses this, which humans could only wish for. And do you know that one feature which is quite a unique abilities dogs possess that we don’t have? Wondering what that is? Then read on more to know how this ability is special and only available to dogs.

What’s the secret ability of dogs?

According to a research paper. Dogs have the abilities which allow them to use the earth’s magnetic field to find shortcuts that are unfamiliar to them. Almost like their own internal compass to navigate unfamiliar terrains and finding the best route. To confirm this theory, researchers equipped dogs with GPS while taking them into their walks in forests. Analyzing the dog’s behavior pattern when they went to their own accord. The researchers came up with three different exploring behaviors of dogs.

  • The “tracking behavior” is described as by the animal following the same route to return to their original point. Of they took before venturing on their own. This is the same approach human do when keeping track of their previous path, so they can find their way without getting lost.
  • Another behavior in which scientists dubbed it as “Scouting behavior”. Which scientists revealed that dogs can blindly travel in unfamiliar terrain. After that when they reach their turning point and decided on heading back. They took a different route, making their way to the point where they started. The researchers closely followed the traveling pattern of both behaviors animals. They concluded that dogs traced their original route backward. Before deciding on a new path that was more efficient and the best route to reach their destination.

The team enlisted 27 dogs in their research and gone over 600 trails. To get the accuracy and credibility of the theory of how good these animals can find shortcuts to their original location of the venture.

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