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Face Mask ranked from Best to Worst for Protection of COVID-19!!

By Abhishek Singh

Ever since the rise of coronavirus, the whole world has plunged into the terror of extinction. People forced to stay in their homes, loss of economy, and mental well being of people enduring the harsh times. Almost like the world has taken a nightmare pill and swallowing everyone in it. Despite that people are still staying strong and to combat the virus and ensuring everyone’s safety. Taking precautionary methods such as Washing their hands, Avoiding contact with people who are likely susceptible to carrying the virus. And the most important part, wearing masks to avoid catching the virus and infecting their loved ones. For that, we have brought you the list of face masks ranged from best to worst. Read on more to know which face mask should you go for. With superior quality and budget-friendly prices.

Why you shouldn’t pick just any mask!

When it comes to effective protection, good quality masks can help you in the long run when battling against COVID-19. The sad part is that not all virus offers an equal level of protection. As the level of protection varies from masks of how effective they can block the respiratory droplets from cough or sneeze. The primary means of virus infecting the people, and the quality of the material of the mask. Each tailored for different types of people such as Elderly, Healthcare workers, People with health issues, and who have tested positive for coronavirus. With that being said, here’s our list of recommended masks.

Two medical-grade mask N-99 and N-95 are most effective at blocking respiratory droplets.

An excellent choice for the medical workers who work in the hospital and are in more danger of catching the virus. The reason being is that both seal tightly in the area of nose and mouth. So that very few viral particles can pass in or out. Researchers found out that in a highly contaminated area, wearing these masks reduced the risk of infection by 90 to 94%.

Disposable surgical masks are also a good alternative for decent protection against the virus.

People who don’t have access to N99 or N95 masks can also go for these alternative masks. Made with non-woven fabric. As it offers a good level of protection compared to homemade masks and offers three times more protection against the virus.

Hybrid Masks are the best homemade DIY masks to go for protection against COVID.

Although it is a general notion that hybrid masks aren’t that effective when it comes to dealing with the virus. Research in the UK suggested that combined with cotton and chiffon making two layers of 600 thread count filtered more than 80 percent of small particles. Resulting in better at filtering small particles and offering a good amount of protection as opposed to surgical mask.

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