Here is the Gantz:O – Check it now for Everything you need to know about the the Anime Movie.

Gantz:O is a Japanese science fiction action movie that came out in 2016. The movie comes with great CGI work and features great animations. The direction of the movie comes from Yasushi Kawamura and production by Digital Frontier. The movie on the manga Gantz. The manga was written by Hiroya Oku in 2014. The movie has a runtime of 1 hour and 36 minutes.



The movie is rated 18+ and is highly forceful as well as violent. The movie is available on Netflix. It is available in either Japanese or English with the same subtitles on Netflix. The story of Gantz:O revolves around the monster attacks in Tokyo and Osaka. A team of people who have been deceased earlier has been formed and equipped with high-tech weapons to defeat the army of monsters.

Gantz:O won the award for the best-animated movie at VFX Japan Awards in 2017. The movie comes with must-watch animations and a great story arc. The movie mostly shows the horror part of the manga on which it is originally based on. The Monsters in the movie are really violent, just like the manga.

The dialogues in Gantz:O are a little average. However, the animations and movements are really perfect. The character designs are amazing. If you aren’t even familiar with the Manga or the previous TV series you can still watch the movie and understand it. It’s almost independent of its backstory.

The film has a story to forget, but no one can forget the action and thrill they got while watching the movie. The movie is a perfect example of science fiction movies as well as action movies. The animations are really different and the movements seem elegant as well. The movie is a must-watch if you are a fan of science fiction movies.

Gantz:O sequels?

Fans are eagerly waiting for the sequels of the movie to come out. But there is no official confirmation for the sequels till now.