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Hermit Crabs & Coconut Crabs are so Dangerous and Harmful that they are thought to Kill Humans..!!!

By Nandita Gogoi

Hermit Crab belongs to the kingdom of Animalia and superfamily of Paguroidea. The hermit crabs are mostly ocean dwellers and there are almost over 800 species of it. There is also a land hermit crabs that are mostly kept as a pet. The crab looks very dangerous and is also harmful sometimes. The coconut crab, also known as the robber crab or palm thief is a species of the terrestrial hermit crabs. This crab is thought to be the most harmful among the hermit crabs. Let’s see in detail about the crabs and what they can do.

Does Coconut Crab actually kill humans?

Naturalist Charles Darwin described the Coconut Crab as frightening and monstrous. The Crab is so enormous that it grows to three feet long. It is the biggest living arthropod on land. The mysterious disappearance of the aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart may be due to them as thought by scientists studying these immense creatures.

This crab is thought to be no ordinary crustacean. It has immense strength and the appearance of the crab is also somewhat disturbing. BBC also pointed out that the pincers of the crab are incredibly strong. Thus, it can exert the force of as the bite of a lion’s jaws on its prey.

More details about the crab

The main source of food for the coconut crab is coconut. However, these creatures can also target other types of prey when coconuts cannot be found. BBC stated that scientists found that they have also attack birds found in the treetops.

Humans are rarely attacked by Hermit Crabs and Coconut Crabs, only in case of real threat felt by them. They become quite dangerous and display aggressive behavior. Incidents are reported where humans are attacked by them when people accidentally put their hands in the crabs living burrow. They have attacked and also removed the fingers from their hands. Seems they are quite dangerous.

Nandita Gogoi