Is PLANET 9 actually a BLACK HOLE??? New telescope might be the answer to all our questions!!!

By Nilanjana Roy

Black holes and their surroundings have made a very important area of research for the past decades. The closest confirmed black hole to Earth is 1000 light-years away.

Our Solar System is filled with strange objects and in the past years, we have come across several things snowman-shaped Arrokoth, the eccentric dwarf planet named Goblin, and an extremely distant world of Faurot.

In recent years, it has been hypothesized that there is a tiny black hole orbiting the sun behind Neptune, and the astronomer suspects it to be a ninth planet but unlike other dwarf planets which are small this has some evidence to be a bigger one.

How are we going to find out the actual thing?

In the new study astronomers from Harvard University have outlined a search for these tiny black holes.  The key motive would be to have a close for the times they may flare.

Amir Siraj, Co-author of the study in the vicinity of a black hole the small bodies that approach will melt as a result of heating from background accretion of the gas from the interstellar medium onto the black hole. The bit according to the team even this would be quite difficult because they don’t know where to look at actually.


It is said that an upcoming unique wide-field telescope is under construction in Chile that will solve this problem. It will help in detecting the flares whenever they come.  Vera C. Robin Observatory is going to photograph the entire visible sky without just focusing on a particular spot.

This project is known as the Legacy Survey of Space and Time. The LSST is expected to discover at least 40000 new small objects And planet 9 will be one of them.

Nilanjana Roy