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Not Victora Falls or Angel Falls, but this ‘IN THE OCEAN’ Waterfall might be the Mightiest one on Earth!! What is its main source??

By Nandita Gogoi

One of the largest waterfalls is said to be Victoria Falls on Earth and the highest is the Angel Falls. However, the two natural wonders may fall short of the true victor no matter how impressive they might look. Let’s know in detail about the most powerful and largest waterfalls on Earth.

The Largest and Beautiful waterfall on Earth

It is known recently that water and deep beneath the lapping waves is surrounding the largest and most powerful waterfalls. The waterfall is one of the mightiest of its kind that is tucked between Iceland and Scotland, also known as the Faroe Bank Channel Overflow. This passage is narrow and super-deep connects the Norwegian sea to the North Atlantic Ocean through a continuous flow of cold and sense water that sinks right to the bottom.

A massive undersea cascade is created with water plummeting roughly 840 meters (2,756 feet) right into the Atlantic as this heavy river crosses one of the deepest parts of the Greenland-Scotland Ridge. The spot is most researched and monitored closely in the ocean since 1995 and it is only recently that the most powerful current that feeds it is discovered. It was thought up until recently that he Faroe Bank Channel overflow was coming mainly from a stream of cold water.

More about the study

However, today it is suggested by new research that a silent, eastern stream is actually driving the Faroe Waterfall that shoots cold water into the channel through an ocean current that is deep and ocean-like. Léon Chafik, a researcher of physical oceanography at Stockholm University in Sweden stated, “This was a curious but very exciting finding, especially since we are aware that a very similar flow structure exists in the Denmark Strait.”

The home to the world’s largest known waterfall is the neighboring Denmark strait, tucked between Iceland and Greenland and parallel to the Faroe channel that is three times the height of Angel Falls.

Nandita Gogoi