Nutritionists and diet : some fact and types of diet you can chose from!!

Some think that they can achieve this goal through exercise, and some think it can be achieved through, but the thing that works is a combination of both. Researchers say that 30 % is exercise, and the rest 70 % is diet. It plays a crucial role in an individual’s life.

There are lots of content available on the internet, so when a new diet claims to provide you drastic changes in your body, people attract attention to that diet or supplement. Nothing can be achieved without efforts.

The current four dieting trends were :
 Reverse dieting
 GAPS diet
 HCG diet
 IIFYM diet

Reverse dieting

This diet is mostly used by bodybuilders and athletes because they try to return to their normal eating patterns. This diet is famous because the aim is not to store body fat due to consuming more kilojoules than are being used.
This diet is also known as the diet after diet. It focuses on taking small energy, providing meals, and increasing them gradually.

GAPS diet

This diet insists on removing all the grains dairy products and vegetables containing starch and they emphasize on using probiotics digestive enzymes and cod liver oil, which are widely available in the market.
They also claim that it improves digestive and psychological health.


HCG diet

Human chorionic gonadotrophin wow that’s a mouthful is a hormone that is produced during pregnancy. The HCG claims that it suppresses appetite and deploys fat from your body.
Athletes used HCG as supplements as it builds muscle and boosts testosterone production since there is no fact supporting the diet weight loss occurs due to a large energy deficit.

IIFYM diet

This diet mainly focuses on macronutrients, which are largely required by our body IIFYM stands for if it fits your macros, they don’t count kilojoules.
So the main focus is on the macros that are your protein, your carbs, and fats. You monitor the intake of these nutrients in your body, which you intake through your foods and drinks.
This diet is varied from person to person, as everybody has a different goal.