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Ozone across Northern Hemisphere Increased Over Past 20 Years! Check Out for More Details

Ozone across northern hemisphere increased over past 20 years! Read more to find out –

What is an ozone layer?

The ozone layer is present in the earth’s stratosphere region, approximately at an altitude of about 10 km. This layer contains a high concentration of ozone, which protects us by absorbing most of the ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

What was the recent study about?

It seems that our environmental responsibilities have increased now. In a recently conducted study, researchers from the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences have found out that our levels of pollutants in our planet’s lowest atmosphere have increased in the past twenty years.
This study has used to ozone data which has been collected by researchers at University of Colorado boulder.

There is a layer in our atmosphere, named the tropospheric ozone – ie the ozone between Earth’s surface and approximately fifteen kilometers above the surface. Here, there are greenhouse gases and air pollutants that have the potential to harm lungs and damage wildlife and trees.

The ozone layer has had pollutants, but over the last twenty years, they have increased considerably across the northern hemisphere region.

In the lower troposphere region, which is closer to our Earth’s surface, the ozone layer has considerably decreased; especially above some regions, namely Europe and the United States, where the ozone emissions have decreased! What’s more? These researchers also found that the regions that previously had lower emissions, like Malaysia and India, have had their emission percentage quite increased over the past four to five years.

The results of this study may be pointing to a very obvious but often overlooked fact – that we as individuals may be trying our best to cut down on our carbon footprint, but it will add up to nothing if big companies do not do their part diligently.