Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks ‘Celestial Fireworks’ coming this week!!

By Abhishek Singh

For all the curious astrophile and people who love watching stars and curious about the mysteries of infinite possibilities. The wonders of the galaxy. And what lies ahead heightens the curiosity and drive for knowing the unknown. And a piece of good news is that we’ll get to witness Perseid meteor shower. Something which is rarely seen in nearly a decade. And for a good reason due to its high rates and pleasant late temperatures. This year’s shower peak, And also comes with the benefit of the early setting crescent moon. Meaning that there will be dark skies, enhancing the successful viewing of celestial fireworks and people are excited. read on more to know about the celestial fireworks coming this week.

Where should I look for a Perseid meteor shower?

To get the best experience of watching the meteor shower, it is advisable to make preparations. Might as well take the opportunity to observe both venus and mars. Looking toward the eastern horizon, you will clearly be able to see Venus shining brightly. While observing Venus, look towards an imaginary line to the crescent moon, and beyond that, you should be able to witness a redder planet Mars. While it may not shine brightly as Venus, it is still visible to the naked eye. The clear view of Perseid meteor falls will be falling on 12th august. And can be observed at its peak on the predawn sky.

What’s the best way to watch the Perseid meteor shower?

August is the good time of the year if you want to watch most of the galaxies, especially if you have a telescope. nevertheless not all galaxies required to use a telescope for better viewing pleasure. And if you look closely under the dark skies using a pair of binoculars you have a chance of seeing spiral galaxy Andromeda. To pinpoint where exactly is Andromeda, you need to find Cassiopeia. The particular W shaped constellation which is high in the northeast sky.

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