PewDiePie Returns From Month-Long Hiatus and Receives Backlash For Coronavirus Jokes! What Was His Response?

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PewDiePie made his long-awaited return to YouTube after a month-long hiatus. However, his return was faced with a lot of backlashes due to a joke he made about the current global crisis- the coronavirus outbreak.

Felix Kjellberg, as is his real name, has responded to this by doubling down on the memes.

 The YouTube king, with over 103 million subscribers, came back to YouTube on February 21 but faced widespread criticism due to his “insensitive” remarks about the virus outbreak.

The YouTuber, however, seemed unfazed and responded to the backlash the following day with more jokes and reactions to memes on the subject.

As a response, he started out saying that he understood that one could not joke about some controversial things. The video proceeded to flash a disclaimer saying, “THE COMMENTS IN THIS VIDEO ARE PURELY SARCASM OR HYPERBOLE. DO NOT TAKE ME SERIOUSLY.”

His video continues to him, stating that just because he laughs at something, doesn’t necessarily mean he finds it funny. In fact, it is quite the opposite. These remarks were, as aforementioned, sarcastic and a part of a satirical joke.

He furthered the whole humorous take by comparing the virus to an anime girl. He says, “It would be dishonest and disingenuous to not review the coronavirus. Or as I like to call it caronawaifus. Because she’s hot, I would f**k her. I’m not gonna lie.”

He had jokingly reacted to a picture of a Japanese pharmacy being out of stock, saying that all pharmacies in Tokyo were the same because he “bought” the whole of Japan, meanwhile holding up a box of face masks.

He referenced an article by Business Insider that stated that even Chinese citizens were using memes to cope with the crisis. Consequently, the Swede’s remarks are not racist. According to him, humor and jokes are a coping mechanism.

Despite this, he expressed concern for his viewers and asked them to stay safe, saying, “All memes aside, stay safe. Wash your hands. Dispose of items that you cough in.”

People often use comedy to deal with crisis situations to diffuse the intensity of it and to talk about tough topics. People know PewDiePie to stick to this idea, and they have come to admire him for it.