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Roadmap for growth of new solar cells -materials called Perovskites have shown a strong potential for the new generation of solar cells !!

By Sameer Ahmed

The materials called Perovskites have shown a strong potential for the new generation of solar cells that have been found, but still, they are having a tough competition with the silicon-based solar cells.

But now a study has been made by the researchers at MIT and present elsewhere outlines a roadmap of how this technology can move from the laboratory to a more significant place in the global market.

The analysis done by techno-economic shows that the higher value niche markets are gradually expanding the solar panel manufacturer so that they can avoid the very deep capital cost, which comes by making perovskite panels for direct competition with silicon for large utility installation cost.

Instead, it will make it an initial investment that costs somewhat hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars to build a plant for their utility production.

The perovskite-based solar cells provide a broad category of compounds characterized by certain arrangements because of their molecular structure. The constituents are inexpensive and can be manufactured in a roll To roll process, which similar to printing of newspaper and are lightweight and flexible backing material.

It gradually helps in decreasing the transportation cost along with installation cost, but they still require further work to improve the durability of the materials.

The increase in the materials of the new solar cell by the companies which are launched over a year. But still, the dominant material is still silicon.

It is because people always hold back the new technology due to the expense of construction of large factories, which is just too much.

Perovskite-based solar cells have some more specialized applications, such as their lightweight, flexibility, and potential for transparency have provided a specific advantage.

Sameer Ahmed