Scientists reveal the mystery behind Glaciation on Earth in the past!!! Read all the facts!!!

By Nilanjana Roy

All the ice ages are not brutal.  The mist glaciation events known to science, ice stretches out from earth’s polar region and exextends all the way into lower latitude reshaping the face of the planet.

Ice Age??

There is evidence for such epic transformation that is found in the geological records. Recently in formidable glaciation during the Cryogenian period scientist believe these extreme cooling events had potentially global reach and ramifications it’s a phenomenon called Snowball Earth.

What on Earth could unless such devastating, unrelenting cold that most or all of our planet would end up in a sheathed frozen sphere of snow or ice.?  This is still unknown but the researchers have now discovered a new theoretical explanation for how these things can happen

According to Scientists

Planetary Science Research Constantin Arnscheidt from MIT said ” there are a lot of ideas for what caused these global glaciations but they all really boil down to some implicit modification of solar radiation coming in”.

Another explanation says to do with the carbon cycle would be the opposite of the global warming crisis facing.  What if we lose the earth’s temperature all together if our planet had so little heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Arnscheidt and his cousin author explain in a new paper ” although there remains a debate about the specific triggers of the low latitude glaciation in earth’s geologic past there is a general understanding that glaciation is initiated when changes in radiative fluxedms or CO2 fluxes exceed a critical threshold ”

In new research, the researchers stimulate Earth’s dynamic system in the glaciation scenario mainly the interplay of ice-albedo feedback and the carbon silicate.

Nobody knows anything for sure but it’s possible that something like planetary-scale volcanic winter unleashed by volcanic eruptions night sufficiently clouds our atmosphere. Or some kind of biological phenomenon in earth’s ancient past like a surge in moisture-producing algae could generate clouds of condensation.

Arnscheidt says ” it teaches us that we should be wary of the speed at which we are modifying Earth’s climate not just that magnitude of change “.

Nilanjana Roy