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The moon is million year younger than what we thought. How? find out here!!

By Abhishek Singh

The universe has many mysteries and undiscovered things shrouded in darkness. The curiosity of knowing what makes it so intriguing is every human’s nature. Like how many stars are there in the milky way or why no one returned through the black hole. Science always manages to astonish us with unbelievable discoveries and new information about celestial objects. And these mysteries never cease to amaze us. Do you know that the moon is a million years younger than we thought? Shocked? You bet we are. And the recent study suggests how old the moon came to be. And the earth satellite is much younger than we ever imagined. Curious? Then read on more to know about the recent discovery of a new study of the moon.

The recent hypothesis of how young the moon is.

It’s quite clear on how the moon formed and our understanding of it by the scientific community. The big question remains is that when it was formed? Researchers from the University of Munster and German Aerospace centre DLR have apparently found evidence that claims the new date of birth. According to a commonly accepted hypothesis from the scientists. The moon formed using the debris of a collision between Earth and a smaller planet called “Theia”. Spewing out broken molten rocks that eventually solidified into one whole body that began orbiting the earth.

The hypothesis on the date it happened?

According to geophysicist Maxim Maurice from the german aerospace centre that “The conclusion of our latest modelling indicates that young earth was hit by some protoplanet. 140 million years after the birth of the solar system 4.567 billion years ago.

“According to our calculations, all this happened 4.425 billion years ago, with an uncertainty of 25 million years. And the moon was born”. The research has been published in Science Advances.

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