What happened to Jaden Smith? Read more on the rapper’s health conditions and Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s reaction to it!

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The Smith family has been concerned about Jaden Smith’s health since September last year when the 21-year old was admitted to a hospital due to severe weakness.

His health started going downhill since he turned to veganism. People noticed him turning light and “gray,” appearing under-nourished due to nutritional imbalance. He started getting dark circles and looked very pale. 

The Smith family discussed his health conditions on the Red Table Talk Show. They spoke of all the measures they took to bring him back to functionality and a healthy lifestyle.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith arranged an intervention and contacted medical experts to deal with their son’s condition. It turns out, their suspicions were correct.

Jaden suffered from Vitamin B12, Omega 3, and Vitamin D deficiency. His diet lacked proteins due to his vegan diet and looked weak and sickly.

He was against showing discomfort to his family whenever he faced consequences of his lifestyle. This was due to the overreaction these things elicited from his parents. However, encouraged by his father, Jaden and his family sought measures to deal with this issue. 

They have hired Dr. Mark Hyman and nutritional specialist Mona Sharma for this purpose. Dr. Hyman said that his way of consuming food is what caused his weakness. They have come up with a diet plan for him. This navigates his deficiencies and imbalanced diet. If he strictly follows the diet plan, he will get the adequate nutritional values that he lacks. This includes protein, the necessary vitamins, and oils required for growth and a healthy physique.

They have assured everyone that essential supplements and the diet plan will be enough for Jaden to get back to optimal health in no time.