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Who was Kobe Bryant’s sweet childhood celebrity crush? Was he really able to fulfill his dream of taking her to a prom night? Read more here

By Priyanka Peddinti

Kobe Bryant was a phenomenal basketball talent. Kobe and his daughter’s untimely demise have shocked the world and his fans beyond the measure of words. The people are still reeling from the shock of his demise, especially his young family.  However, as we are trying to come to terms with his death, a sweetly nostalgic moment from decades back is being remembered and is doing the rounds on social media recently.

When Kobe was studying in his high school, he had a huge and mad fan following for his already famous basketball skills. He was so good at it that his talent landed him in a nearly 2 million dollar contract with Adidas. He was also named into the All-American boys’ team, which almost set his path straight into the NBA. Just like all other teenagers and friends of his age, everything was going well. So, do not find it amusing if I sate that Kobe had a small teenage celebrity crush. A syndrome almost everyone suffers from.

A former batchmate of Kobe very recently recalled a fact. In an interview with Philadelphia Inquirer, he always kept a picture of Brandy with him. In one of the teenage magazines, she had played the character of Moesha, which was loved by Kobe Bryant. Back then, he showed it to his batchmate and told he will take this girl to a prom night once, without fail. The batch mate revealed in the same interview and though it was really crazy and bold enough for Kobe to even think about it. Yet, one of Kobe’s beautiful qualities is ambition. If he succeeded in taking Brandy to the prom night or not is a story for another day.

However, he was able to meet his childhood celebrity crush in person. Brandy Norwood and Kobe met and talked very happily at the Essence Awards. This was when Kobe was just about to step into spotlight and stardom; he was close to nobody when Brandy was a star in her might and right.  So, Kobe’s prom night dream was finally fulfilled that day. She, without a moment oh thought or hesitation, accepted his proposal.

Priyanka Peddinti

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