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Why HPV Test are recommended for Pap smears for Cervical Cancer? Check It Out

Cervical cancer is one of the most notorious and common cancer more than 13000 women from all over the world suffer. Particularly in the united states. With the right knowledge and precautions, one can prevent the symptoms of cervical cancer. And treating them with noticing the early signs of detection and abnormal cell changes that take place in cervix years before cervical cancer develops. Pap tests have been proven more advantageous in treating the early signs of cervical cancer. The common changes for the cell changes are caused by “human papillomavirus” also known as HPV. And the traditional method for treating cervical cancer is PaP tests. But researchers have found in a new study that for women aged over 30 HPV tests are proven more effective. Read on more to know about the new HPV test and the benefits of treating cervical cancer.

HPV tests are effective for treating cervical cancer

Why HPV tests are more reliable than the PaP test?

In a recent study conducted, where 5000 women participated in the study. Every one of them received the Pap test and HPV. Women who received Pap tests came up with high-risk results and later underwent further analysis with a procedure called colposcopy. Which closely examines the abnormal cells tissue.

Researchers analyzed the potency of HPV tests and found out in their research that women with more abnormal cells are highly risked of becoming cancerous. Compared to the women who underwent Pap tests. Which came to the conclusion that the tests determined the rate of cells that are prone to be highly risked was far more than PaP tests.

Cervical cancer can be treated with HPV vaccines

HPV vaccines will lessen the risks of cervical cancer.

Australia is one of the first countries to come up with HPV vaccines. And the findings in the study with many women who participated were offered HPV vaccines. And surprisingly enough the test results revealed that with the entire vaccinated population. HPV testing has proven to be the most effective screening tool.

HPV vaccines are considered one of the best and effective way to detect the symptoms of cervical cancer. Which will reduce the chances of cervical cancer and could save many lives! Although not many women are vaccinated and unaware of screening tools to detect cervical cancer. With the vaccine around, a greater chance of treating cervical cancer is possible right now.