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Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston back together??? Are they getting MARRIED SOON???

By Rajal Ghai

Brad Pitt has been related to many big names in Hollywood. After he parted ways with Angelina Jolie he was recently seen with Jenifer Aniston at an award show. They were looking like an old couple reuniting.

Soon after Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston met, rumours started spreading about they both tieing their knots again. It seems like both of them are also thinking to take the next step. The rumours are even spreading about their marriage. Fans are losing their minds after hearing the rumours.

Rumors or truth???

Insiders say that both Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston have been through a lot together. The news regarding a marriage might be true, keeping their relationship in mind. They know each other very well. They are getting more close to each other day by day.

Jenifer Aniston’s friend Courtney Cox recently liked a tweet saying that Brad Pitt and Jenifer still love each other. This further confirmed that the relationship might be touching new heights in the near future. They both were seen cheering each other at the award function as well. Insiders even suggest that no matter if Brad had broken Jennifer’s heart in the past, she never really stopped loving him.

Fans’ hopes

Jenifer and Brad were seen holding each other’s hand at the SAG awards. Fans started tweeting their viral picture and saying them not to let go this time. Fans really want the couple to be together again. Their dramatic divorce might just have been a change of time.

Fans all around the world hope that both of them get together and live a really happy together till the end. The truth will be soon revealed by them when the time is right for them. Till then all the fans will have to wait for any confirmation regarding the topic.

Rajal Ghai