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Check out how compatible the worst characters of League of Legends is with Lillia. Catch them now!

By Priyanka Peddinti

These are the five worst ever mid-layers that I am going to talk about now. they are going to pair up with Lillia in the League of the Legends. Take a look at how Lillia functions here. Lillia looks towards slow enemies and puts them in sleep to provide easy follow-through for her remaining teammates. Throughout this entire article, we will have a look, at how and why the champions do not share a great bond and the absence of synergy with Lillia.

So I am ready to dive deep into the article, are you? So here we go!

The five worst ever members are, in no particular order:

    • Yasuo: almost everyone is excited about this, a Spirit Blossom Yasuo. For the sake of the teammates, try and avoid pairing up Lillia with this guy. While a magic damage jungle may seem appealing, there is no synergy between the two. You are better off, with somebody else.
    • Heimerdinger: he is a siege champion, who is very much capable of holding down, his label and avoiding enemy tanks, with his Evolution turnouts, He tends to be very defensive rather than being offensive, which should suit him more effectively.
    • Vladimir: he has enough potential to scale into a late-game and create magical damage. He can sustain with enough stamina in the lane with transfusion. He struggles at one point and that is when he has to finish kills in the very initial stage. With that being the only drawback, he is pretty much a good candidate.

  • Azir: this guy is next in line, he has some of the most hilarious features, so seeing both of them together, and that is seeing Azir and Laila, will be humorous to watch. Lillias’s gap closer Watch Out! Also adding one more point, Azir has a huge potential to completely shut out Lillia which should make for some more fun tips.
  • Corki: this is the last man standing. He has very poor crowd control. Forming a pair with Lillia will show the two in poor light. They cannot lock opponents and flee out of range.
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