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CONFIRMED !!! Bright 2: New Cast Will Have Angelina Jolie and Will Smith! Release ddate and Plot Below!!

Netflix confirmed Bright 2, the sequel of the previous series.

Will Smith is going to play the main cast in the Bright 2 movie along with Angelina Jolie, and Joel Edgerton. Director David Ayer, Joel Edgerton, and Will Smith again come together for Netflix Bright 2, the previous series to 2017’s Bright movie. In the Bright movie, the audience saw an alternative place where humankind lived with magical creatures like elves, fairies, and orcs in a world where magic is commonplace.

Besides this, the Bright got plenty of negativity from the critics when it released on Netflix in December 2017. The critics said the Bright is creating a racist culture and unsavory social stratification. And there were nothing new ideas about the magical lore it was introducing.

Bright 2

Let’s talk about the release date of Bright 2

The production of Bright 2 was originally to begin in 2019, was delayed because Will Smith was working in another film Bad Boys for Life after that film itself was suspended. All the audience got to know that Bright 2 was still in the works confirmed by director David Ayer and hoped the production keeps going. Due to COVID-19, Hollywood is shut down, so right now the release date of Bright 2 is not officially confirmed.

What would be the plot of Bright 2?

Maybe the story will continue which was left in the previous Bright movie while also going farther into the magic and lore. Although the plot was not officially confirmed but in the Yahoo interview held in February 2019 where Edgerton did reveal some scenes plot in broad strokes. According to the sources, the filming would happen in Germany but no solid evidence on filming.

What about the trailer?

Bright 2 trailer has yet to be released soon.