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Denise Richards denies rumors about her EXTRAMARITAL AFFAIR with Brandi Glanville! What’s Brandi’s take on this???

By Sanika Totade

Both Denise Richards and Brandi Lynn Glanville are co-stars in the show ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’. Brandi recently made a statement saying that she has an affair with her Housewives co-star – Denise Richards. Richards is married to Aaron Phypers since 2018. Denise has denied all of this. Now, whether this is a publicity stunt by Brandi or if there’s some truth in it is the question! Read more to know about this alleged affair.

Who is Brandi Glanville?

Brandi Lynn Glanville is an author, former model, and fashion designer. She is popular due to the show ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ (2011). Brandi Glanville was married to Eddie Cibrian. They were married for almost a decade (2001- 2010). They have to kids together. They broke off their marriage after Eddie’s extramarital affair with a co-star.

And who doesn’t know Denise Richards? Denise has been in the acting industry since the early ’90s. She has done many individual performances. Her guest appearances in various shows have also been very popular.

Denise last made into the news when she denied the news of her marriage is an open one.

About Denise and Brandi’s alleged affair-

Denise and Brandi are actors on the show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. During one of the sit-downs of the Real Housewives cast, Brandi made her side of the story public. She told everybody about Denis and her affair. Denise has denied these allegations.

There has been a spat among the two and the shooting of the tenth season has also come to a halt. Brandi has been very vocal about all of this despite Richard’s marital status. Denise got all emotional when the media asked her about this.

There are two sides to a story and the team of the show has gotten divided into these sides. Some are supporting Denise Richards while some are claiming that Brandi has evidence (messages and photos) to support her statements.

Brandi also released a very intimate picture of her and Denise recently. Now, this can be a proof of their on-going affair or it’s just a casual ‘co-stars being friendly’ picture.

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Sanika Totade