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Eddie Kingston’s Mom Told Him To Sign With Aew Instead Of WWE. Tap Here To Know Everything!!

Eddie Kingston has been having a colossal effect in All Elite Wrestling since he marked with the organization, yet what did his mother say that persuaded him not to make a beeline for WWE instead?

On the current week’s release of “AEW Unrestricted,” has Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone plunked down with All Elite Wrestling star Eddie Kingston. Among the subjects secured was the reason he chose to sign AEW, even though there was a proposal on the table from WWE.

Asked what prompted him settling on that choice, Kingston conceded that it was his mother who convinced him not to go to WWE. “My mother. My mother let me know. I’m a mom’s kid as in what she says goes,” he clarifies.

“Her sentiment holds a great deal of weight with me to where I’ve been with young ladies I thought I was enamored with and my mom will resemble, ‘I don’t think she is acceptable’ and I would say a final farewell to them. It’s simply how it is. My mom realizes me superior to anyone.”

“I was reached by WWE and it was lowering,” Kingston proceeded. “It was decent that they reached me. I was attempting to figure out where I ought to go. My mother stated, look, ‘you won’t be cheerful in WWE. I know you and you won’t be glad.

You will presumably get terminated three weeks in.’ I resembled, ‘well, at that point I’m going to AEW’ and she said ‘great.’ She was the main factor. There were a ton of things going for AEW, yet she was the central factor.”

While we don’t know WWE would have terminated Kingston following three weeks, it’s difficult to envision him getting a very remarkable push. He probably would have been stuck in NXT for a decent time before moving to the principle list.