Falcon : Everything about the character you want- HERE!!

Everyone wants to become a superhero in his/her young life. Absolutely “Falcon” is one of the characters in that line.

Samuel Thomas Wilson is a Falcon fictional character who takes shape in American comic books. Stan Lee and Gene Colan introduced the character in Captain America.

“Marvel Comics” published the comic book series. Falcon was the first American-African superhero in comic books. Falcon first appeared in Captain America in September 1969.

He uses mechanical wings to fly and has empathic and telepathic control over the birds.

Yeah! Let’s see:

Wilson becomes the newest Captain America alternatively after Steve Rogers’s retirement. Along with the leader of the Avengers.

Samuel Thomas Wilson was born in Harlem. Wilson has a happy childhood along with has a natural affinity for birds. Besides, he took up training pigeons and own the largest pigeon coop in Harlem.

Wilson was a cheerful social worker who eventually temps to exiles island also organize to fight for their freedom. Later Black Panther helps Wilson for makes harness of Wilson allow to fly.

Falcon becomes a new team member of Avengers sets to fight the international evil Scorpio as the United Nations agency. At this point, Falcon discovered the extend of his telepathic bond allows control of other birds through his eyes.


Wilson got talented in hand to hand combat trained in Karate as well as Judo. In addition to that, he is more skilled to use Captain America’s shield.

Wilson’s real Falcon wing gear featured detachable jet-powered glider wings build by less weight titanium and Mylar.

The wings covered with thin wafer solar power receptors which able to converts sunlight into electric power for his uniforms and boots. Apart from the Uniform made with fabric with steel-alloy mesh.