Former Manhattan Waitress reviews and rates celebrities like Bella, Gigi, Beyonce, Kylie etc in her latest Tiktok Video!!!

By Nandita Gogoi

Recently, a New York actress after rating many celebrities she has served has become a sensation. The name of the former waitress is Julia Carlon who is 23 years old. She is now a model for State Management. Previously, she had worked in Manhattan in a fancy restaurant. During her period of working she had served many celebrities. She said that some celebrities were nice while some were very cheap.

The Tiktok Video

She has made a TikTok Video and rated her experience of serving celebrities and candid thoughts them. The video is now going viral and trending on the Internet. The video that was posted two days ago had gotten 6.1 million views. She further captioned the video as,” These are just my personal experiences, pls take with a grain of salt.” She also said that this is her first celebrity rating video.

Julia does not specifically say anything about the restaurant she was referring to in the video. However, she has worked at one of the Tao Group’s restaurant for ten months as a hostess while she attended college. She had also worked in Nobu Downtown for another ten months.

Ratings of Celebrity in the Tiktok Video

Julia had given Bella and Gigi a rating 10/10 and described them as nice, super-polite, and friendly to the staff that is rarely seen among the celebrities. She had given Hailey Bieber a rating of 3.5/10 and said that she was not nice each time they met, although she had met her only a handful of times. This may be going to be controversial but she said that she wanted to like Bailey but Sorry.

Julia gave Kylie Jenner a rating of 2/10 and described her as a stingy tipper and said, “She was fine but she tipped $20 on a $500 dinner bill. Do with that information what you will.” She gave Kendall a rating of 4/10 and described her as being cold towards the staff. She gave Nick Jonas 8/10 and Beyonce got the highest with 100000000/10.

Nandita Gogoi