“Friends” Reunion: Jennifer, Lisa, and Courtney done a Mini-Reunion to encourage US Citizens for Voting!!!

By Gaurav Kesari

The three leading roles Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow, of iconic television series “Friends” had come together to make the citizens of the United States aware to vote.

Mini-Reunion to remind to vote

Recently, they have come together for a reunion. This reunion is not for commercial works. These famous ladies came to make aware the citizens of the United States that every people should have to go for voting. One of the trios, Lisa Kudrow has posted an image of the trio mentioning most of the important lines for the motive of an election.

Planning of Friends Reunion Episode

“Friends” is one of the most popular and famous television series. The fans or the viewers who have watched the series completely want to watch again and again. Even after watching too many times, it is not going to be old for the fans. after the completion of the famous series “Friends” in 2004, the fans are showing willingness for a reunion episode. They have waited for so many years. And at last, their wish is fulfilled when the lead casts announced about the reunion episode. The shooting was planned to start from March this year. But, unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, shooting has been postponed.

Friends Reunion Episode: Release date

The two leading actors Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer had revealed that the reunion episode will be shot in August if everything will be normal till then. All six actors are going to be reunited through this episode after so many years.

The story behind Friends Reunion Episode

Till now, the scripts of reunion episode has not been written. A candid episode will be there from the togetherness of lead actors. Before this reunion, the six actors had united for the get-together. This was revealed by an Instagram post by Jennifer Aniston.

Gaurav Kesari