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Given the term “The Matrix” is a TRANS Story according to Netflix and co-director-Wachowski!!!

Given the term “The Matrix”, it’s a trans story according to Netflix and co-director-Wachowski.

Our film “The Matrix” consists of trans themes, and Netflix has posted about it on Twitter. Who even knew that Lilly Wachowski, will co-write and co-direct the film with her sister Lana Wachowski. There is a streaming service behind the sci-fi movie. You will be shocked to know that both the sisters emerged out to be trans, after the release of the blockbuster movie.

Wachowski’s comments…

Given the term "The Matrix” is a TRANS Story according to Netflix and co-director-Wachowski!!!

You must know Wachowski’s comments regarding the film,” it was all about the desire for transformation.”It was also added that it came from a “closed point of view.”Then the corporate world was not ready to hear the message at the time. You should however know of Netflix’s reactions. As an allegory, there was a series of messages posted on Twitter. Given the fact that there were insights offered by writers and critics.

And the main character was Neo, it’s a good example of trans narrative. For the wider allegory, Netflix lists the use of pills. As in one of the most movie scenes, neo is offred some colored pills, so this allegory was made. Those pills were given by the rebel leader Morpheus.

And the red one was for the purpose of seeing the truth. For the blue pill was for the purpose of ignorance.One of the messages in the thread reads,” “gateway to seeing the world as it is and the systems built to define and control his identity” and are also “an apt metaphor for hormone therapy.”

The cast of the series

And what about Wachowski, she says,” “I love how meaningful those films are to trans people and the way that they come up to me and say: ‘These movies saved my life,’” The cast members in the film include Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss.

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