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Grace and Frankie – The Longest Running Netflix Series?

By Harsh Vardhan

One of the longest-running Netflix original’s which has been renewed for its final season. The comedy created by Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris reached the top of the charts in no time. The show revolves around the titular roles Grace and Frankie portrayed by Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin respectively. The two unorthodox friends’ lives cross because their husbands fall in love with each other and are about to get married. Even though the show received mixed reviews from the critics it still made its place with the masses. The show has been nominated in the categories of Outstanding Lead Actress for the Emmies and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress – Television Series Musical or Comedy.

Release Date

It feels like yesterday when season 6 of Grace and Frankie was released. We all now know that the show has been renewed for its last season, but the date remains unknown. Surely the current circumstances around the globe don’t support shooting. It’s a bane and a boon at the same time. We know the show won’t be ending anytime soon but it is bound to reach its conclusion. The creators of the show did host a live table read to unnerve the fans. This also provides us an insight into the seventh season of Grace and Frankie.

Grace and Frankie Season Plot

The ending of season 6 has answered a lot of questions regarding season 7 and also raised some as well. The plot will revolve around the possibility that both the titular characters have to come to terms with the lifestyle of their ex-husbands. This will be one of the key factors which will drive the show. The static chemistry between the two actors is being missed by the audience and is expected to be better than ever in the final season of Grace and Frankie.

Cast Updates

There are no announcements regarding new additions but we know that the original cast will be coming back for the final season. Here is the current roster. Grace Skolka and Frances ‘Frankie’ Bergstein are played by the talented Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin respectively. supporting cast includes Sam Waterston as Sol Bergstein, Martin Sheen as Robert Hanson, Brooklyn Decker as Mallory Hanson, Ethan Embry as Coyote Bergstein, June Diane Raphael as Brianna Hanson and Baron Vaughn as Nwabudike ‘Bud’ Bergstein.

Even though the show is widely missed, the fans are keeping themselves engaged by rewatching the previous seasons. That’s the love that this show has received throughout the globe. The last season of Grace and Frankie is eagerly awaited and will be warmly welcomed whenever it is released.

Harsh Vardhan