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Here are all the details of Tenet, the upcoming movie by Christopher Nolan. Check out the release date,cast,plot and more now!!

By Anushka Singh

With time, Christopher Nolan has successfully become the director of some blockbuster hits like Inception, Interstellar, etc. Eventually, now he is looked forward to the box office with the release of one more sci-if thriller named as Tenet. We all know that he doesn’t like to share such information with the media. Therefore, he waited for the audience to go to the theatres and examine the movie!!. But fortunately, we are able to grab a lot more information about the upcoming crusade in the theatres.

The release date:

For now, we have no updates regarding the rescheduling id the dates. Therefore, we can expect the movie to touch the theatres this year in the month of July. The date which is fixed for the release is 17th July 2020. But according to the speculations, everyone is thinking that the movie will be delayed further like the other movies are. This is having the same reason as the other I.e, the novel pandemic.

The cast of the movie:

We would be seeing, John David Washington plays the role of the protagonist in the film. He is a very famous American actor who has given the industry some prominent blockbuster blows. Along with him, we would be seeing the famous partnership of Michael Caine and Nolan in the film.
The batman, Robert Pattinson would also be seen playing a significant role in the film. Along with this, we would be seeing Kenneth Branagh in the upcoming film.

The plot of the movie:

This time the story will revolve a mission that is being assigned to an agent for saving the world from the world war 3. Thus the movie will move further with how he would save the planet and its people.

Along with this, we have heard the news that the movie will follow the inversion. This means that they could twist the plot with the time or can play with it for making the audience go amazed. Well, no revelation is being made respecting the plot so, these are only assumptions. Moreover, we have got to hear many other things from the mouths of the actors.

So, for now, that the movie can run in the past as well as in the present. But this only has to be seen how the director will play with the plot!!

Spoilers for the movie:

From the trailer itself, we have got to assume many spoilers. Eventually, the main spoiler is that the lead character of the movie or the agent who is seen as the spy would be killed. This is because he was not willing up to share the information regarding his partners when he got caught up.

Eventually, with the help of manipulation with the time somehow he will gain life again. Continuing with this he won’t repeat the same mistake. But how he will do this and how he is able to find that technique is what the whole mystery is about. Therefore for that, you have to go to the theatres and watch the movie.

Anushka Singh